All about lingam massage

If there is one thing that characterizes the field of massage is that it is tremendously versatile, reaching the point of satisfying even the most demanding bodies. In fact, certain disciplines go beyond this by additionally encompassing a part of the organism of such transcendence as the mind. This is the case of one of the variants of tantric massage.

What our professional gay masseurs do

It is called lingam massage and its popularity has been increasing for many years. So much so that many of the clients who request our services, when consulting the list of massages that are available, do not hesitate to choose it. But what exactly does it consist of?

This is lingam gay massage

It is a type of tantric gay massage that gives the same transcendence to the physical and mental planes. Dealing conveniently with both aspects increases the level of excitement of the subject but this does not result in the obligation to end up reaching the moment of climax.

This erotic massage does not pursue such an objective, but focuses only on the maximum temperature of the session by the client. To achieve this a mutual collaboration is needed, since if only the masseuse or the user perform certain actions the result would not end up being optimal. This is exemplified by breathing.

In the lingam method it acquires a lot of importance, taking charge of our specialists to give you the opportune indications that you have to follow to the letter to synchronize your breathing with that of the male masseur who takes care of you. This will be added to the actions carried out with his hands around your most intimate areas to give rise to a sensation of maximum excitement.

Precisely when dealing with such a delicate area, erotic gay massage therapists make use of the best lubricants on the market, ensuring that each and every one of the movements performed are fully enjoyed by you. To this end previously generates an complicity, since the male is forced to maintain a position in which his genital area remains accessible.

Bearing this in mind, our professionals take the necessary time to place your trust in them. From the beginning they give shape to an atmosphere with which you will feel at ease and in less time than you thought the sensitive movements through areas such as the perineum and testicular area will begin, letting you go as you close your eyes for pleasure.

During the course of the session, the client can mention aloud any changes they wish, although the professional’s previous instruction is clear: body movements are not allowed. Therefore, your only mission will be to lie down and relax like never before.

Process followed by masseurs to learn how to do it

All tantric male masseurs who want to successfully complete a lingam session are enrolled in erotic massage courses. They teach various disciplines, all focused on giving the client not only a great feeling of relaxation, but also an unparalleled level of pleasure. One of the treated variants is lingam.

Our professionals, before offering this service, soak up all the theory taught in these courses and then participate in tantra workshops. In them the practice is very important, teaching the basics of the whole procedure, from the initial mutual breathing to the final movements that will culminate in a full excitement.

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Thanks to this formative process, the specialists of our agency are able to carry out lingam massage sessions, the more than positive result of which is evident in the smiling faces of the clients.

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